The Boardwalk Hotel

The proposed scheme focuses on the development of self-sufficient, sustainable villas, with additional consideration given to how the other design categories within the brief could be incorporated across the site in order to provide a holistic proposal for the sensitive redevelopment and conservation of the island.

The primary intervention takes the form of a substantial new nature reserve and wildlife habitat, occupying the centre of the island. Protected by a raised boardwalk that forms a loop around the island in order to create a sheltered area wherein the natural conditions of the island can be ‘rewilded’. Existing wildlife can flourish and lost species sensitively reintroduced in brownfield locations, for example the protected Blolly tree. The nature reserve would be inaccessible to guests, whilst maintaining unhindered passage for plants, animals and insects underneath. The reserve would provide a visual and audible backdrop to all the villas enhancing the tranquillity of their setting and proximity to nature. Over time, the resort would become more robust to extreme weather events and nature tours would provide educational and revenue opportunities for guests and locals alike.

Status: in progress 2022
Client: Private
Location: Caribbean
Visualisation:  Dan Fisher

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