Flagship Store

As the first store for this new brand we were briefed to develop an architectural design that was unique, whilst also being based in the history of chocolate making in the UK and the client’s newly developed brand.

We worked closely with Tom Morris of Morrisstudio and the client to understand the brand identity, the goals of the business, and to develop a design from the understanding.

Everything about the store was to be hand crafted, as the chocolate bars are. A bespoke solid oak shop front with traditional tusk and tenon joints protrudes toward the street to invite passers by to look at the bars on their trays; as if presented to them. 

We developed and made the tiled floor ourselves in our Kendal workshop alongside Common Objects to Morrisstudio’s design. Again we worked with Tom Morris to develop the geometry and layout, as well as to extensively sample the colour and textures of the tiles.

Status: Complete
Client: Barnaby Bars
Location: Covent Garden, London
Contractor: K&D Joinery
Ceramics: Common Objects
Creative Direction: Morrisstudio
Branding: Irving & Co

Project Development.

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